​Remades and Readymades

Throughout history, artists have explored the physical and ideological properties of materials and the ways in which these material elements can be used and altered to create works of art. When Marcel Duchamp placed an object, which was not previously associated with art in the context of art over 100 years ago, he allowed us to reimagine what art could be. From this moment onwards, artists have explored the physical and ideological properties of readymade objects and objects which have been remade into works of art.


As humans, we react physically to an object’s weight and size, its colours, textures and forms. We also react emotionally to the ideas that are associated with an object. Our environment morphs our material and emotional understanding of objects into a constantly changing experience.


Remades and Readymades attempts to explore this temporal experience with an exhibition that may not be revolutionary in its ideas, in the way that the art appear to the eye, or in the processes which have been used to create these works of art. However, we feel that it is important to continue to look, re-look and question how we define a remade or a readymade as a remade artwork or readymade artwork in the contemporary moment. By placing these remades and readymades into the context of art, we have changed the perspective in which we view these objects and elements of the natural environment. If these remades and readymades are considered to be art, what impact will this have on the way in which the audience looks at their environment outside of the context of art? Will you reconsider your environment and experiences within the context of art out side the context of art?

With artworks by Bronwen Anwyl, Daniel Bethell, and Edward May, Remades and Readymades explores the material and theoretical themes surrounding man-made objects and the natural environment (and the crossover between them), in the context of the Art Gallery.