A History of Circle Triangle Square



By the beginning of 2021, we reach the conclusion that the Circle Triangle Square Art Platform for emerging artists can no longer exist in its current format.


Since our inception in 2018, we had spent too much time and effort building a strategy for the future, and not enough time focusing on the all-important present tasks. There was too far to go and too few resources for us to be successful.

Look Out
For New
In 2022

2019 - 2020

We hire our first employee and focus on increasing the number of represented artists to include (at some point along the way): Bronwen Anwyl, George Barber, Daniel Bethell, Andrew Cole, Adrian Coleman, Robert Ive, Harley Kuyck-Cohen, Eddie May, Opoku Mensah, Jasmine Mills, and James Sirrell. 


Our mission is updated to:

Build a trusted and accessible platform which brings together the different facets of the emerging art scene through partnerships with organisations and individuals.


We award Opoku Mensah the Circle Triangle Square Artists Development Award for his X-Initiative project, an artist residency program which aims to foster a sustainable ecology in Africa and beyond. The CTSADA is presented to an artist to help them to develop and realize an ambitious project. The recipient receives 200 hours of dedicated support over the course of the year.

Screenshot_2019-11-05 78aac3_7c5b5944d0134f14b901935938d7c4ca pdf.jpg

Opoku Mensah, For Malvin Patrom Duarte And His Family. A Friend, Present To Help Out.


Circle Triangle Square Art Limited is registered as a business in the United Kingdom, with the mission to provide long-term engagement and support for emerging artists.


During the year we have a number of exhibitions; notably Remades and Readymades, which explores the material and theoretical themes surrounding man-made objects and the natural environment in the context of the Art Gallery.


Remades and Readymades


Circle Triangle Square is conceived as a ‘Diagram for a New Economic Model’ within the essay Introduction to Objectism


Within the two diagrams, the Circle represents the natural world and all living beings. The Square represents the production of objects as human constructions. The Triangle represents people's interactions with each other, and is the shape between the Circle and the Square that allows society and the production of objects to exist.


In the ‘Diagram for Our Current Economic Model’, the Square is society’s priority, the Triangle is second in importance, and the Circle is least important. The ‘Diagram for a New Economic Model’ proposes that the Circle comes as the number one priority, followed by the Triangle, and then the Square.

Diagram for a New Economic Mode Diagram for Our Current Economic Model.jpg

Diagram for a New Economic Model              Diagram for Our Current Economic Model

Circle Triangle Square Art Limited

is an ongoing artwork by Eddie May.